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At Celecti, we are driven by a shared desire to be of people choice. We encourage our people to be forward thinking and client-focused. We believe that people are the greatest asset of an organization and they will be able to excel in a positive environment. Working for Celecti, you certainly will be given fair and equal opportunity to accentuate your talents. Your achievements will be based on our meritocratic performances-reward system. Working at Celecti has many benefits, and here are three key benefits you will experience while working with us.

1. Your voice will be heard

A dragon boat must cross the finish line with everyone it began the race with.  All paddlers must work with their teammates and not against them. Celecti is like a dragon boat and all our consultants are like the paddlers. It is crucial that everyone in the team move forward together through feedback.

At Celecti, we value our consultants’ input. We will be happy to listen to your thoughts so that we can succeed as a team and as an organization.

2. Fun Environment

We recognize that people are not just looking for a place to work. They are also looking for a work place and an organization that align with their values and beliefs. We also recognize that people work harder, faster and smarter in stimulating environment.

At Celecti, we have created an environment where you can let your hair down while doing your work. We want you to be happy and enjoy working with us.

3. Fast Career Growth

We believe that our people are our greatest assets of the organization and their values have to increase over time. At Celecti, we will coach, train and expose you to all areas of the business so that you will be challenged to grow your skills.


If you have the interest to be part of our growing team, please send your detailed resume to  or alteratively, you can give us a call and talk to us at Tel no. : +65 6385 6696 or mobile no. : +65 9011 1145